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Sameer’s DNA August 20, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, india, KREC.

Looks like its in his DNA. Sameer, my friend at IIM-Cal who I wrote about previously here, does it again. This time he is quoted by DNA, one of the new kids on the block English dailies from India. In an article that celebrated Indira Nooyi’s more than commendable and welcome achievement, Sameer’s comments get more comment space than any other person quoted in the article. He says :

“This is the first time that an IIM alumna is heading a transnational corporation the size of Pepsi. What makes it more interesting and noteworthy is the fact that Pepsi is an old economy American company which is generally conservative about choosing their top executives.”“Pepsi has recently overtaken Coke for the first time in terms of market capitalisation and Nooyi has already played a pivotal role as CFO to achieve this feat. Being appointed the CEO goes to provide that Indians have arrived not just as technocrats but also as managers,”

When I say again, I meant he did it before :). And that was during the Post-budget discussions on NDTV earlier this year, when his question on FDI inflows being almost indispensible for maintaining high growth rate was appreciated by the panel.

So its time Sameer puts in a section called “In media” in his resume in addition to the usual ones like “Education”, “Work Experience” etc. etc. Seriously Sameer !



1. Sameer - August 20, 2006

Hey sharath, thnks a lot for the suggesn.. Had appeard on channel 7 too on a prebudget session.. Seriously, “media” looks a cool CV section 🙂

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