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Draconian again August 8, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, politics, rant.


I dont think the current Indian government is stupid – I am sure there are a few smart men for everyone to see. But I do think they are an obnoxious bunch – one draconian law after another. This bill – proposing that only women judges try rape cases – is completely insane ! What is the rationale behind this and why is there no reason to believe its bound to be counter-productive ? Why are we continuously bandying about that the ICS officers are some of the smartest there are – when there is so much evidence to the contrary !

Soma Wadhwa at the Indian Express has provided an excellent critique and I have nothing to add to that other than that what is being proposed is discriminatory by any standards. She meant to state it maybe but not perhaps in as many words. What next – only muslim judges judge cases involving muslim defendants/accused because they maybe discriminated against by non-muslim judges ? Not funny at all. This cabinet is capable of it.



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