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Things economists do August 6, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, humor, statistics.

Aah..finally I have some hope ….. 😉

You must read that entry and the comment section before dismissing something out of hand. Someone has conducted a study using statitistical techniques ( which sometimes do get one into trouble if they arent applied well ) – lets think it over.

Okay, that apart I will use this post to point you to other studies – ranging from smart to reasonable to outrageously funny. Atleast that is my range of emotions.

“People who are careful about health in some dimensions (such as not smoking) are often careless in others (such as overeating). In other words, vice is omnipresent. ” Why ? Will-power is a scarce resource, thats why. Yeah, really believe me.

Is exercising worth it ? ( dont miss the comments section )

If you have daughters, you risk becoming a communist. It is also argued and confused with the idea that you (or your wife whichever is applicable ) is more likely to give birth to daughters if you are a communist. Read here.

What would you do if you got a 100,000 dollars ? What would a homeless man do ? Read here – reversal of fortune

I love economic analysis – but this is going tooooo far. This then becomes irrelevant. Since we have come this far anyway, maybe we can take one step ahead.

Happy Friendship day everybody. ( after this post, in some cases, maybe the last )



1. Aswin Cletus D'Souza - August 7, 2006

10 links in one article ? 🙂 Damn man …

Am only done with the first link and i must say the theory is mind-blowing

2. Sharath Rao - August 7, 2006

hey aswin, welcome back..

..yeah, thats a weekend’s worth of reading…and in some cases, a lifetime’s of contemplation 😉

3. aquarianalien - August 7, 2006

yea that Freaknomics post was worth the read .. ,lots of intriguing theories here, i never thought Economics blogs would be so interesting !!!

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