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A reluctant "I told you so" post July 20, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, politics, rant.

Its amazing. On June 22nd, I authored this post here on how the Mumbaikar spirit is bit of an overdone thing. Among many other things, I said :

What is this indomitable spirit all about – is it the spirit that makes you guys tolerate anything, everything and go about your life living in desolate conditions ? What use is this spirit of afterall ? Each time there is a major tragedy in Bombay, the legislator/MP comes in and makes a speech about Mumbaikars are resilient and go about their life the very day after floods, after bomb blast, after building collapse etc. as if nothing happened. The media too joins in and sings the same song. All Mumbaikars are not only convinced but they are also happy and proud that their city’s resilience is being bandied about. End of story.

This was a whole 3 weeks before the blasts on July 11th. When the blasts happened, I knew the media would again go gaga over the ‘spirit’ and they did –

Vinod Mehta at Outlook wrote an utterly idiotic and worse still untimely politically motivated post here. TOI had their usual stuff here.

Now slowly some in the mainstream media and the blogosphere are also waking up to why that post was not quite off the mark. There are a few angry people there too. Here, here, here and Aswin here.

In any case, you must read this post by Tony on Vantage Point.



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