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Oh, the B-school boys ! June 28, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics.

With so many hours every week spent reading columns and articles from the world of business, finance and economics, mostly latter, it only makes sense to distribute that knowledge. Oh, well I possibly cannot explain it all, but I can atleast point concerned readers to links and sources. Several and most of these have already been linked to from this blog but putting them in context with my own notes results in – to borrow a term from the world that the targetted audience of this particular post – value addition !

Am putting this together for my B-school friends – Sameer, 2nd year at IIMC, Rajaram, 1st year at NMIMS, Prahlad Tantri, 1st year at Symbiosis, Nashik and Kavya Shetty, 1st year IIMB. And needless to say, everybody else is always invited. If you guys could bookmark this post and return to it every once in a while to catch up on something, there would be nothing like it !

There is a whole class of blogs – from professors at elite universities – to which I first turn to even if I have to make some time by cutting on mainstream media stuff. The value of your readings here cannot be overemphasized. They make for excellent reading most of the time or serve as a good source of links. In several cases, topics may seem to be specific to the American context which is understandable, but surprisingly sampling them may well be worth it – fundamentals dont change ( and a little bit of knowledge about the largest economy in the world wont hurt at all 😉 ).

Becker-Posner Blog – Two professors – Stanford and Chicago – Becker is a 1992 Nobel Laureate – both write every week a long essay each on a single topic – dont miss !Greg Mankiw – Harvard Professor, ex-Bush economist. An excellent source for macroeconomics stuff. Also occasionally answers questions – mostly from students – career guidance. Author of a2 economics best sellers. 2-4 posts per day.

Marginal Revolution – The most popular economics blog there is. Most often linking to other material elsewhere. 4-6 posts a day.

Econ(omics) Log – Another of the most popular ones there is – especially amazed that they attract so many comments on most posts. 4-5 posts a day.

Cafe Hayek – Another interesting blog by professors at GMU. Active at about 1-2 posts a day. Good analysis occasionally.

( Political leanings – above are mostly liberatarians/conservative economists )

Delog@Cal – Leading left-leaning eco. blog. Berkeley professor – ex-Clinton administration. Dont enjoy this too much though.

New economist – Recently visiting, not too much to say about this one therefore.

There are a few others in the blogroll that you can visit. For now, that will do !

And then there are atleast a couple that focus on India ! But both of them are top-class, with the former being cited by some of the above mentioned blogs.

Indian Economy blog – A team blog – really good articles mostly Atanu Dey from BerkeleyAjay Shah – Ex-I-banker economist from USC, LA. Writes mostly on Indian economy and finance.

Knowledge@Wharton – on India – Free newsletter from Wharton dedicated to and focussed on India.

What about this one – if reading was not a pleasurable activity and if bandwidth is not scarce, this is what you do.

A compendium of videos on economic ideas and policy issues and seminars.Another whole lot of them from MIT ! Choose topic and rejoice.

And then there are sources I would put in the miscellaneous category – not necessarily blogs.

Cato-unbound – Amazing stuff here !! From technocrats and economists at the Cato-institute, a thinktank. This is what they say about themselves – “Each month, Cato Unbound will present an essay on a big-picture topic by one of the world’s leading thinkers. The ideas in that essay will then be tested by the comments and criticism of equally eminent thinkers, each of whom will respond to the month’s lead essay and then to one another. The idea is to create a hub for wide-ranging, open-ended conversation, where ideas will be advanced, challenged, and refined in public view.”

Economists@MorganStanley : A whole of stuff from Morgan Stanley – forecasts, lots of them. Obviously non-academic tone.Economic Scenes : Column series by a top economist from Princeton – Alan Krueger.

Project-syndicate : Non-profit organisation – an association of newspapers around the world. Columnists of all sorts of political persuasion.

TCS Daily – Economist Arnold Kling – somewhat non-technical take on economics and policy issues.

iMedia connection – for the marketing community. Some of the articles are brilliant !

Business@NYT – Columns from the NYT, a whole lot of them – become paid after 2 weeks.

Finally Learning Economics, an economics textbook – written for the non-economists !

Obviously, you could turn to my own blog – thebroadcaster that links to many articles or mostly reposts them.



1. Ravi - June 29, 2006

sire, you’ve a one-stop shop for references. I plan to begin my foray from here!!

2. Smitha V - September 29, 2006

Good work Sharath! I usually visit Knwldge @ Wharton and Becker-Posner blogs, they are very informative. U’ve done a neat job in putting all of them together 🙂

3. Smitha V - October 2, 2006

I was just browsing thru ur blog and got to this post from one of the labels -“Economics”. since I’ve a course by name “Managerial Economics”, was interested to peek into this post 🙂
Its a well-organized, handy post with all the links.

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