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What would you name your dog and why ? June 17, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in image, life, reminisces-2000.

[ Note : The first time I am putting up images on this blog – Please remember to click on the images to see super-large versions ]

Harvard Professor Greg Mankiw‘s dogs have become the talk of the blogosphere. What Prof. Mankiw calls a mysterious blogger has devoted an entire post to why the dogs must have been named after two famous economists – Tobin and Keynes.

What is even more funny is a comment to this article that goes :

My undergraduate degree is in physics and I have a cat named Schrödinger.

My dog in Manipal from 1994 was named Baggy – because of some sympathy for the goal that Roberto Baggio missed in the World Cup 1994. Baggy died in mysterious circumstances in 1999. Our current dog since Dec 2002 seen here below has been named baggy apparently in the memory of the earlier Baggy !

Baggy, Dec 28, 2002 ; 41 days old

Baggy with mom, Feb 5, 2003 ; a little over 2 months Baggy with dad, Aug 1, 2004 ; a little less than 2 years !

He would eat whichever piece of rusk he was asked to eat and go back and sit down to take further instructions

Baggy with me, looks you in the eyes, Dec 31, 2005 ; a little more than 3 years !

A 34 second video featuring Baggy is here. ( look at what he does at the very end – dogs will be dogs ! )

Ways dogs play !



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