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The queer utility of snail mail June 10, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, littlerockers.

As she appeared, this good friend of mine one day just disappeared ! I mailed her. She didn’t get back. I called her and it went to the voicemail – I left a message, she didn’t get back. I scrapped her on orkut – she didn’t reply. I sent her a forward, she ignored.

And then I thought I would wait for another two days and she doesn’t get back still, I will …I will send her a snail mail ! Oops, imagine you haven’t been in touch with someone for a while and the postman hands you a letter that says,

“Hi dear,

I am just writing this letter to ask you – how come no emails ? no voicemails ? no phone calls ? no fax ?

Yours truly,”

Would it make you guilt ridden ? Or would you just ponder over the irony of the medium or perhaps the eccentricity of the writer? ( a reverse-irony is to be found here – but irony it is no more, we are coming to expect it !!. And hey, this is more realistic 😉 )

All said and done, wouldn’t that be atleast funny ? Well, it would be.

Rather, it would have been. Because today she called. Shit ! I still had my chance because I wasn’t anywhere near the phone and she left a message. Afterall I am a gentleman. I returned the call.

But then, I am talkative too. I hung up after an hour !

( If I were using this blog to make enemies, I would also be telling you how talkative she is, but I wont ! )



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