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Coming back (to) Hingis June 4, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in littlerockers, reminisces-1990s, sport.

Here is an article on the latest comeback queen – Martina Hingis. Its about how the author once couldn’t stand her in the late 90s and how its all changed now – that he likes her for the same reasons that he once hated her for.

Well, my opinion on Hingis hasnt changed at all. She started winning in 1997 and was at her best when we were in Class XI and XII ( okay..okay..that is a coincidence 😉 ). Her tennis ( and her charming looks ) remained a topic of discussion in our computer science class – Ashith, Rajaram and myself. She was in her mid-teens then, just as we were. So she was really like one of us – well, yeah yeah…I know she may not acknowledge that, but so what !

Rajaram had this grand crush on her. Now, (I thought) I didnt know how to have a crush on remote, inaccessible celebrities, so I thought I was just too fond of her – calling it a crush would amount to a certain commitment ;). Another way of saying the same thing ?



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