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Notes from India, on India June 3, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation.

Found a few harmless notes as I was cleaning up my machine. These are what I wrote on my first trip to India ( first, since I came here ) last December. They are infact the beginnings and the only remnants of my ‘resolve’ that I would obsessively document my first India trip ( Dec 22rd 05-Jan 14th, 06 ).

I happened to reach Bombay in the middle of the night ( as people usually do ) . And in addition to a mail that I sent off to my school group here within an hour of landing, I had this little thing which for some reason I didnt include in that mail.

Well, for now though everything in the past 1.5 years seems like an illusion – Temperatures below 25 celsius don’t exist. Trip to India is a dream. Ashith’s trip was a nightmare. Pittsburgh, Boston, New York – they are far-away cities on the map. Carnegie Mellon is a university somewhere. America is there. India is here.

Maybe I was just waiting to be sure its wasnt all that same !

Anyway, the next morning in a note, there was this –

“It was my first exposure to India in the daytime. Its been a complex set of emotions – but they have been anything unlike what I expected. There are different kind of complexities themselves – this is one of them. Almost a certain lack of complexity that makes it complex. It seems all quite simple.

I don’t seem to be at all perturbed or affected by the India – well, in a way, I cannot be because nothing much has really changed in the p500d. ( p500d – an abbreviation I used to convey “past 500 days” – the duration I was away from India ) Inspite of it though I thought I would – I wasn’t perturbed by the wait in the traffic, not the constant honking, people suddenly walk across the ….”

And thats all, I stopped there – that was from my Aunt’s place. I may have been interrupted for some stupid reason – maybe my aunt called to say that the hotwater ( for bath ) was ready or my grandmom called to ask whether she should make potato curry or cabbage curry or cousin came running into the room, jumped right into my bed and made me see one of the her paintings ( she is an artist). Or whatever the reason was – that really was my second and last note. And therefore, my India trip remains perfectly undocumented or better put, imperfectly documented !

Nevertheless, it atleast shows that I wasnt bothered by anything ( though I noted them) and took me no time at all to feel at home. I was expecting to be perturbed – partly because I was told I would and partly because it was not unreasonable to expect to – though ofcourse the question of whether 1.5 years is long enough time to make us easily irritable on freshly encountering certain old realities is debatable.



1. Anonymous - June 3, 2006

I think you had told me this, but really an amazing fact that you stayed here exactly 500 days… wel,not everyone will have this privilege…. However, this is nothing surprising, considering the fact that so many events and dates in your life occurs with some significant numbers or coincidence..



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