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India’s most wanted – Arjun Singh ! May 26, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in image, india, politics, statistics, technology.

[ Picture courtesy Google Trends ]

Search statistics for Arjun Singh ( BLUE ) and “OBC reservation” (RED) since Jan 2006 – look at the spike in early April and the correlation in the two statistics. Better view here.

Meanwhile, our Prime minister can either do this –

“I am pained to see the agonising experience the youth of the country are undergoing. They should call off their strike and I assure that the government will find a viable and credible way to protect the interest of all sections of the society”

i.e. mouth platitudes like any politician would.

Or do this

I think the matter is already settled”.

i.e. make strong statements unilaterally, like any politician would.

Who says he is technocrat and not a politician. Does he believe in what he is doing ? Or is it just another political expdiency ?

If he doesnt believe in the proposal for OBC quotas but goes ahead anyway because the parliament can pass the bill while maintaining that he supports it, does that make him a liar. Can a Prime minister possibly ever say something like – “I dont personally believe in this but its a political necessity” ? If he could, then Manmohan Singh would have spent most of the last two years saying just that ! Its a crown of thorns, sure is.

Its ironic that people like Arjun Singh who will unlikely live another 10 years have been given ministries such as HRD which are essentially far-looking – what HRD does and doesnt do has far-reaching consequences – to witness Arjun Singh will not ever live. ( Nor will Manmohan Singh himself ). I am probably being harsh, but true it is. So why is Arjun Singh who doesnt have a stake in the system given the reins for controlling it.

HRD and such ministries which dont require specific expertise ( like for. eg. Finance, Commerce) should be handed over to someone who is essentially below 50 years age ( and sane ) – who has a proved track record in policy making not 75 year old derelicts like Arjun Singh. If you call this age discrimination, then what do you which is going on right now ? Isnt dynastic rule some form of discrimination as well ?



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