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Taxing Times April 14, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, CMU, contemplation, economics, humor.

I just did my taxes this week – about after 1 hour of filling the forms, 4 envelopes go out to 4 different places – Federal Tax, Pennsylvania state tax, Massachussets state tax ( I was in Boston from Jan – May 2005 ) and the Pittsburgh city tax. And I must admit I feel good paying these taxes ! Yeah, I am probably insane, but somehow I feel like a responsible citizen – when I obey a law – especially one that some people find really hard to and would do anything to evade.

With April 15th being the tax time ( and taxing time ) in the United States, there are several articles in the media about various aspects of taxation. My casual interest in economics has only become deeper reading these articles and filling those forms. I used to wonder how people study taxation policy for years and write thesis on it – I wondered if there was so much at all to study – other than answering ‘simple’ questions like – whom to tax, how much to tax, what to tax and how to tax.

Well, questions they are, but simple they aren’t. Its amazing how taxes ( and incentives – these days my favorite word ! ) can matter so much as I discovered reading some articles on this topic – they aren’t talking so much about details of taxation but opinion pieces on some aspects of it. I will rest of the post to link to the articles I read or am planning to read.

Should taxes depend on age ?

Why should I pay taxes ?

Why a mugger is better than the IRS !

( IRS – equivalent of the Income tax dept. in the United States )

What happens to your taxes ?

What will you do (to me) if I dont pay taxes ?

Have a good time ( or a taxing time ) depending on whether you think taxes ( or reading about them ) is good for you !



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