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We dont want to "be like this wonly" April 10, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, rant, sport.

Why are we like this ?

When I say we, I mean – the cricket board and we, the people who let this people run the board ! Who do go after for that incident ?

Considering just the circumstances – tickets no being refunded – it is hard to punish the spectators involved. Yes, there is no justification to violence, none whatsoever to destroying public property, TV cameras belonging to a private company that had no responsibility for the abandoned match and all the acts of bonfire and throwing bottles that eventually hurt the city’s reputation afterall. But I have given up on the common man – we Indians feel offended very easily ( ban this book, that movie), our “culture” is contaminated too easily ( stop unmarried couples from doing this or that ! ) and we are too prone to destroying public property.

A possible reason for the latter – how many Indians pay their taxes ? 2 percent. Coming to think of it, public property is really a misnomer in some sense – its paid for by our taxes, our money as much as the furniture in our own houses. It is no sense “public” – unless ofcourse you are not a tax payer, which most Indians are not !

The TV in your house is yours – its paid for consciously by your money, you made the decision of when, where and which TV to buy.

If you are a taxpayer, public property is akin to a few of your friends pooling in money to buy a TV so you all can use.

If you aren’t taxpayer, public property is your neighbour’s TV – when he is not at home. So you have a free-for-all.

This reminds me what is written in the subway cars in Boston – “Do carry your belongings and not litter. Your taxes pay for cleaning the train.”

And one of the stupidest reactions to this is for the middle-class to glorify these as quirks and laugh at ourselves. And then trumpet around that our ability to laugh at ourselves is one of our virtues. In that case, our incapacity for introspection and unwillingness to examine ourselves is our biggest shame.

I loved Guwahati city – stayed there for 2 years. Its still my favorite big city. But I suggest – ban matches here for 2 more years, make people pay and make them accountable. Make them behave.

Fine the BCCI. I am beginning to hate that the BCCI is now rich and has clout – doesnt make me unpatriotic unless one is in the Cheney-Ashcroft mould. What I stress is that with great power comes great responsibility. Atleast it should. But few powerful Indian institututions show any great responsiblity. For example : the Indian Government – if you can call it an institution i.e.



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