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Other identities – I April 5, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, littlerockers.

In addition to this blog, there are two other blogs I contribute to – thebroadcaster and thelittlerocker. Here is a post about thelittlerocker.

I have to interrupt to note this – its amazing that MS Word 2002 on which I am preparing this post underlines the word “blog” in red – look where we have come, from being a spelling error to an outright phenomenon!

Anyway, thelittlerocker is a blog that ‘serves’ the Little Rock alumni – ofcourse the word ‘serves’ is not quite correct, but I will go with it for now. I (along with an occasional contribution from other alumni members) post updates on the little rock alumni. Although its hard to define what an update is and guage its newsworthiness, we make an honest effort. It started off last May ( 2005) and was meant to cater to a larger alumni community. However, over the months as logistics would have it, it has mostly been restricted to a small subset, notably the Class of 1997(my own batch). There are occasionally posts about alumni from other batches under two circumstance – (a) a contribution from Aswin ( Class of 1998 ) or news I hear from people who I personally know. It is hard to go hunting for information about people you don’t know especially when they couldn’t care less! So these complications somehow result in a high Class of 1997 focused reporting. The bottomline is that thelittlerocker is by no means my personal blog – it has a well-defined domain and hopefully an audience too!

Infact, I have lately discovered that there is indeed an audience. I am using performancing.com to track the visits – this software gives among other information – the number of visits split up in terms of geography, repeat visits, browsers used and such. This is not only a good record to have, but also a motivator – that someone afterall does read stuff you work hard to put up. I suspect though that most of the visits are from people who aren’t from Class of 1997 – this is quite obvious because most information reaches people in our batch from the yahoogroups. Therefore, its mostly people from other batches who would want to know.

This brings me to the comments from Sona Teacher ( from Little Rock ) on the littlerocker alumni blog. It was quite satisfying to read through her comments (bottom of the link). Excepts from my reply to her comments say it all –

Its a hard job that not only takes lot of time but also involves cajoling people to give information something I find rather hard. Its discouraging sometimes when you realize that not many people find it half as worthy of attention as some of us do and so, its all the more harder.

But I keep at it and will continue to do so as long as I can make time for it because I am somehow convinced that the value of something like this will be apparent over a period of time. And besides, I see it as a form of community service – my own way to give something back to a community expecting nothing in return.”.

I guess I meant every word I wrote in reply. That hopefully answers the question I have been asked a few times – “What do you get by doing all this ?” It helps me constantly remind myself that “its not all about me!”.

( A post about thebroadcaster is next ! )



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