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In love with Boston March 24, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America.

Completely Unfrozen River Charles.

I love Boston.


I was (back) in Boston for 3 days ( and 4 nights ! ) in connection with the GALE project meeting. Its been nearly 10 months since I left Boston for Pittsburgh and so was a tremendous feeling to be back. On the sidelines of the meeting, I also met up with Old friends – Shirin and Vidya from KREC/Newswagon – it’s a different thing that the word “Newswagon” wasn’t ever mentioned ;-), given its historic potential to create mischief. ( pun intended ! )


During our conversation, Vidya asked me – “Boston is such an amazing place. I was just thinking how could you ever leave such a place.”


True. No doubts. For some reason, I just love that place. And this inspite of the fact that I was rather cross ( an understatement ) when I reached Boston for the first time – the afternoon of September 2nd, 2004. And more importantly, for my 9 months in Boston, I was continually working to get out of there ( I was attempting a transfer to Carnegie Mellon from BU which happened eventually on Aug 15, 2005 – a date I chose deliberately to mark the India’s independence anniversary ! )


So what is it exactly that I love about Boston?


a. River Charles


I know it’s one of the dirtiest urban rivers in the United States – but for some reason, I have loved it. BU campus was on the bank of the river, so I saw it everyday for 9 months. The fact that I never really grew up ( yeah, I wasn’t exactly growing up in Boston !! ) on the banks of a river probably helps too. Manipal does have a river and its presence sort of revs up the view and feel at endpoint, but its still not quite in Manipal and doesn’t quite have the effect on Manipal town as Charles does to Boston.


b. Geeks and freaks


Lots of them. Harvard and MIT. One myself, need I say more !



c. People


Young people – lots of them – men and women. You can see it on the streets, in the subway, on the bridges, buses everywhere. Lots of energy, charm and grace, but talkative American women and their accents, I admit, get to me. I hate to overhear them conversing. But never mind.


d. Public transport


I love the subway system in Boston. Takes you almost wherever you care to go. Riding the T (as they call the subway) in the morning – a generally dignified office going crowd or a little noisy college going crowd. Evenings are crowded, but its still kind of enjoyable in a different way. Avoid on Friday and Saturday nights though! Besides, a good place for people watching too – different things people do – reading, knitting, music, chatting, homeworks and couples occasionally in the preliminary stages of foreplay!


This time around I was riding the Green C and listening to that voice say – “Next stop, Parks street. Change here for the red line. Doors with open on the left !” – wow, what a feeling !


e. Old classicism


Its as close to urban classical old Europe as you could possibly get in the US I guess. Restaurants on Newbury, houses and gas lit lamps on Beacon Hill, several old monuments to do with the American Independence movt. I haven’t been to CA, but I feel its probably more of a man-made place than the classical northeast which somehow feels more heavenly!


Inspite of it all, I don’t think I would want to get a job up there all over again. Its probably the protracted winters or just wanting to keep traveling and staying in different places for a while atleast. Its strange but I guess it is possible to love a place so much to not want to be there anymore!

Nevertheless, if you have a chance to move to Boston, on work or just study, don’t give up on a chance.

It’s a great place to live, Boston. Until winter sets in 😉 and freezes the river.



1. Jessica - March 24, 2006

Pretty photos!

2. Deepak Krishnan - March 25, 2006

This time around I was riding the Green C and listening to that voice say – “Next stop, Parks street. Change here for the red line. Doors with open on the left !” – wow, what a feeling !

THis feature is also there in delhi metro…visit once!!!

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